Get Back Your Girlfriend - Text Message Troubles

One question that I hear a lot from guys who are trying to get back their girlfriend, is that they run into trouble after they've taken the first step, accepting the breakup.

If you haven't read any of my other articles, I'll just give you quick recap. The first step I always suggest in how to get back your girlfriend is to accept the breakup and stop trying to get your ex to take you back. Begging for your girlfriend to take you back will only push her further away and make it harder for you to actually get back your girlfriend. When you show that you agree with the breakup and that you're also moving on, it makes her regret the breakup and want to get back together with you.


A lot of guys to do this run into a little bit of a problem, usually around a week after they stop contacting their ex-girlfriend. Around this time they get a text message from their girlfriend. You know, it's nothing major or lovey-dovey. Usually it's just a sort of random question, like: "Hey, I ran into so-and-so the other day and he says he hasn't seen you in a while."
Most guys don't know what to do with this. Should they respond to the text message or not? It seems perfectly innocent, and she's initiating contact, so wouldn't that seemed to indicate that you're about to get back your girlfriend?
But the problem with answering that text is that you're jumping the gun. Responding to that will not help you get back your girlfriend. It will only undo all of your previous efforts. The reason she sent that text was because she was getting nervous that you had forgotten about her and that you've moved on.
But since it's a neutral message, it doesn't mean that it you'll get back your girlfriend right now. You just have to wait a little longer and may her go out of her mind just a little bit more. If you ignore that text, she'll start to really worry. And chances are, the next time she contacts you, she'll be more open and to picking up the relationship.
The main thing to remember if you want to get back your girlfriend is that you're not going to respond to her until you see that she's desperate to start up the relationship again. And you can never, ever get into a serious discussion by texting. If she sends you a text message saying she wants to talk to you, suggest that the two of you get together for lunch or coffee.
There are a whole bunch of little psychological tricks that will make her want to get back together, and you'll only be able to pull those off in person.
Get Back Your Girlfriend - Text Message Troubles

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